Top 10 Resources for Zoning in Georgia

  1. The American Planning Association (APA) and the Georgia Chapter (GPA) – APA have tremendous resources for all aspects of planning and zoning issues including books, conferences, reports, etc. GPA provides these resources, state conferences and other training to 1,100 members in Georgia. Websites:
    American Planning Association
    Georgia Planning Association
  2. Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) and the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) -The two organizations have staff and resources on their websites that can answer questions, provide tools and support local positions during the state legislative session. Websites:
    Association County Commissioners of Georgia
    Georgia Municipal Association
  3. Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) – ARC develops information on zoning and planning toolkits on zoning, provides training and assists local governments with planning in metro Atlanta through programs like the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI). Many of these resources are transferable throughout Georgia. Website:
    Atlanta Regional Commission
  4.  The “Good” Attorneys – There are many lawyers in Georgia but few that local governments and planners really should consider as a zoning resource. While not a complete list some prospects include: Peter Olson of Jenkins and Olson, Bob Zoeckler of Maddox, Nix, Bowman & Zoeckler and David Kirk of Troutman Sanders.
  5. UGA, GT, Emory and GSU – There are many brilliant professors and students at colleges and universities in our state that are involved in planning and zoning work. A few that have been involved in local planning over the years and should be considered resources include: the Department of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech, Laurie Fowler and Jamie Roskie at UGA College of Law, Frank Alexander of Emory University and Julia Juergensmeyer at Georgia State College of Law.
  6. Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) – DCA provides services, regulates planning rules for local governments and regions, provides economic development resources and manages housing programs in Georgia. They also have toolkits and other zoning related resources. Website:
    Georgia Department of Community Affairs
  7. The Carl Vinson Institute of Government at UGA and Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators (GAZA) conduct conferences and training for local government officials and staff on planning and zoning issues. Websites:
    Carl Vinson Institute of Government
    Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators
  8. Non-governmental organizations – Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club, Georgia Conservancy, Atlanta District of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), the Livable Communities Coalition and Southface Energy Institute are organizations whose primary mission is not planning and zoning but have provided tremendous resources for zoning, planning and development issues to Georgia communities. Websites:
    The Sierra Club
    Georgia Conservancy
    Urban Land Institue
    Livable Communities Coalition
    South Face
  9. Local governments on the edge – There are many local governments in the State of Georgia that are more aggressive with implementing better planning and zoning. While not a complete list, some of these local governments include Athens-Clarke County, City of Atlanta Bureau of Planning, City of Woodstock, Cherokee County – Bells Ferry Overlay.
  10. National organizations include the Local Government Commission, Smart Growth America, Smart Growth Network and Community Rights Counsel. Other organizations provide reports or toolkits to educate or implement better zoning in communities. Websites:
    Local Government Commission
    Smart Growth America
    Smart Growth Online
    Community Rights Counsel

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