Plan 2040 Public Outreach Will Utilize Online Public Meetings

Community engagement is essential to any inclusive planning process, and this sort of public involvement is an integral component to the planning work the Atlanta Regional Commission undertakes.

PLAN 2040, a regional development plan for the Atlanta region’s next 30 years, is assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the region in order to recommend strategies to maintain or enhance sustainability from a social perspective, an economic perspective and an environmental perspective. For ARC’s Plan 2040 outreach process ARC will be utilizing online public meetings to hear from the public.

Over the past year the ARC Board has transmitted a draft Plan 2040 Regional Assessment, Stakeholder Involvement Program (SIP) and Regionally Important Resources (RIR) Map to Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA). These draft Plan 2040 documents are available online at ARC’s website:    

Up until this point ARC staff has undertaken an extensive outreach program with local governments and stakeholders, and has held numerous meetings with local elected officials, planners and non-profit organizations.  During these meetings ARC is receiving concerns and ideas to address the region’s planning challenges. 

Over the summer, ARC staff will begin to describe the possible actions, programs or investments that may be included in Plan 2040 to address issues and maintain the region’s quality of life.  But before this can happen, more public input is needed. Moving forward in the PLAN 2040 process ARC is asking Atlanta residents to think about the future they would like to see for their region.

During the next few months ARC will be hosting public meetings through the ARC website as a way to allow the public to review information and offer comments on actions that ARC, local governments or other organizations may consider to move the region forward. Public Meeting #1 is available through ARC’s website not, and each of these online public meetings will be available for a period of one to two months.

Now is the time to have your voice heard! Access the online public meeting on your own time, and let ARC know what kind of future you want to see for your region.  This online public meeting can be accessed here.

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