Regional Development Guide and Unified Growth Policy Map now on ARC PLAN 2040 Website

To accommodate the region’s anticipated growth in a sustainable fashion, the region must plan for a different type of development than it has seen in recent decades. PLAN 2040 intends to do just this, and two tools developed to aid this endeavor have recently been made available for review on ARC’s PLAN 2040 website.

Once adopted, PLAN 2040 will serve as the official regional plan to accommodate economic and population growth sustainably over the next 30 years. Over the past two years a tremendous amount of public outreach, data gathering and planning have been undertaken as a part of the PLAN 2040 process.  ARC tries to keep all interested parties involved in the PLAN 2040 planning process and updates the PLAN 2040 website constantly with a wealth of information and data.

ARC’s PLAN 2040 Website:

Two of the newest documents recently posted to the PLAN 2040 website are the Unified Growth Policy Map (UGPM) and the Regional Development Guide.

The UGPM is the Regional Development Map for the Atlanta metropolitan area.  The UGPM represents local comprehensive plans as well as PLAN 2040 policies and forecasts, and is meant to serve as an ARC adopted and locally supported representation of how to accommodate future regional growth. The initial UGPM was adopted in 2006 with a commitment to update each year, and as a part of PLAN 2040 the map underwent a major revamp in 2010 with help and collaboration from local and regional planning partners.

The UGPM is comprised of Areas and Places. Areas describe predominant land use patterns throughout the region — the Region Core, Regional Employment Corridors, Airport Investment Area, Maturing Neighborhoods, Established Suburbs, Developing Suburbs, Developing Rural and Rural Areas. Places reflect concentrated uses that have generally defined boundaries and provide greater detail within Areas.

The Regional Development Guide provides direction and guidelines for future growth based on the Areas and Places of the Unified Growth Policy Map.

While both of these important plan components are working drafts, and will be until they are officially adopted by the ARC Board in 2011, they are now posted and available for viewing on the ARC website.

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