Search for Local Food Availability Through Georgia Organics Website

Georgia Organics has a cool new website that enables the user to search where local food is available, based on their desired location.

To use the site, first visit and enter a zip code in the “Find Local Food” option located in the bottom right hand corner.

You can also search by categories (i.e. farmers markets, community gardens, etc) or products (Eggs, Flowers, Fruit, etc). 

The site includes not only farms, but also identifies restaurants that work with local growers.  For folks who try to support businesses that encourage local economies, this website is a great resource.

The local food movement seems to be holding its own through the economic downturn, and is one of those movements that meets all three tenets of ARC’s PLAN 2040 sustainability focus – it reflects a positive economic impact for local producers and a unique marketing opportunity for services; it preserves working and agricultural landscapes and often employs more environmentally sensitive cultivation practices; and it promotes awareness of the need for improvement for overall community health by embracing better nutrition and creating opportunities for active living. 

Be sure to check out the site!

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