HUD to announce Georgia Grants at ARC’s Piece by Piece sector meeting

On Tuesday, February 1, the Piece by Piece initiative continues with one of many sector-specific follow-up meetings.

The Atlanta Regional Commission was a partner in kicking-off the regional foreclosure initiative known as Piece by Piece at the Carter Center on November 30th.  Chick Krautler (ARC) and Maureen Friar (National Housing Conference) opened the event and Henry Cisneros, former HUD secretary, was the keynote speaker.  

The initiative was organized by the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership (ANDP) as a coordinated effort to combat foreclosures and the effects of foreclosures on our communities.  In addition to offering opportunities for coordination and best practice sharing the initiative encourage public commitments on goals and actions that will be taken over the next three to five years to address the crisis.

Currently more than 130 organizations have signed on to be a partner in the Piece by Piece initiative, meaning over the next couple of months these organizations will make a public commitment to take specific actions to reduce foreclosures and the effects of foreclosures in the region.  

ARC, as a partner to this event, has committed to organizing a number of follow-up meetings with local government community development – housing staff and housing authorities, and local government planning and zoning staff in order to share current best practices and consider new strategies to meet the ongoing challenges of foreclosures. 

On February 1 ARC will be hosting the first of these meetings with representatives of metro Atlanta local governments to discuss these issues. All metro Atlanta local government housing authority and housing related staff are welcome to attend.  

Prior to this Piece by Piece sector meeting, HUD Regional Director Ed Jennings will announce grant awards for metro Atlanta and all of Georgia. Additional details about HUD’s announcement can be found here.
Whether you are a partner organization or just a concerned citizen, we invite you to follow the Piece by Piece initiative at

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