Legislative Update: SB 86 – Comprehensive Planning and DRI’s

Senate Bill 86 – which does away with DCA’s current local comprehensive planning rules, eliminates DRI reviews as they are structured now, and affects other planning requirements – overwhelmingly passed the House on March 30. 

As it stands, the bill mandates that local governments must adopt a “basic” plan to be considered a qualified local government. Second, it deletes the authorization that regional commissions perform DRI reviews, and now calls for a notification process and a public comment period. 

The bill now goes back to the Senate, as another bill was attached in the House committee process. However, because the Governor supported that addition, the Senate will likely accept the new version of the bill.

If and when SB 86 officially passes, ARC will work with DCA in their rulemaking process to formulate the “basic” planning requirements.

To read the full version of the legislation, visit the Georgia General Assembly website.


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