Six Communities Selected for ARC’s Community Choices Program

The Atlanta Regional Commission has selected six communities around the region to receive planning and technical assistance with reaching their respective quality-growth visions. Each year, through the Community Choices program, ARC provides cities and counties with the tools, resources and strategies required to implement their unique plans.

The communities and projects selected for 2011 are:

  • City of Alpharetta – Development of an inventory of vacant commercial properties within the city and a strategy to plan for their reuse.
  • Cobb County – An in-depth review of all planning and development regulations related to the redevelopment process to identify possible code conflicts and obstacles to redevelopment.
  • City of Fairburn – Creation of an overlay district along Roosevelt Highway, including the city’s historic downtown area.
  • City of Hampton – A review of all planning documents to ensure coordination with the goals of the city’s comprehensive plan and recently completed Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) study.
  • City of Norcross – Development of a set of economic development tools and incentives for the city.
  • City of Union City – An in-depth review of the city’s planning related documents, with special attention paid to how the city’s code and ordinances promote “transit readiness”.

Through the Community Choices Implementation Assistance program, ARC’s Government Services division provides cities and counties with pro bono technical assistance and resources to implement innovative quality growth policies and plans. Since the program began in 2005, Community Choices has provided assistance to 35 communities throughout the region; 29 of these were provided to communities to help implement their existing LCI plan.

Additional information on the Community Choices Implementation Program can be found on ARC’s website:

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