June 1 Housing Forum Focusing on Creating Healthy Homes and Healthy Communities

The next Regional Housing Forum is on June 1 and will take a look at how to build and retrofit communities and homes  to make them safer and healthier. 

Register here: http://www.atlantaregionalhousing.org/forum/index.htm

For a family to live a successful life, one of the most important considerations is whether or not they have access to healthy and safe housing. A healthy home is a home designed, constructed, maintained, or rehabilitated in a manner that supports the health of residents and promotes safe, decent, and sanitary housing as a means for preventing disease and injury (National Center for Healthy Housing).

But this concept of healthy homes also extends into the community it is a part of, as a safe and healthy “home” is more than the roof over one’s head. Healthy homes ought to be integrally connected to healthy communities, as the way we design and build our communities also impacts our physical and mental health.

A healthy community improves people’s health and lives by offering opportunities to increase one’s physical activity, providing access to healthy food, increasing access to health care and needed services, insuring access to safe and affordable housing options, providing quality education choices and a strong social capital.

Therefore, examining the factors of a healthy home/healthy community involves studying housing-related hazards and deficiencies, but also factors in the broad physical and social environments, which include housing, urban development and community planning, land use and transportation, among others.

How can our region better bring together public health officials, policy makers, housing practitioners, developers, and all other groups who help shape our built environment to better understand the relationships between these factors? Join us at the June Regional Housing Forum to explore these important issues.

Confirmed Speakers:

Mary Jean Brown, Ph.D., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC: Framing the Issue –The Data on Healthy Homes, Healthy Communities and Healthy People.

Denis Blackburn, The Woda Group, LLC – Highlights of the Sustainable Fellwood development, the successful redevelopment of existing affordable housing to a green and sustainable standard.

Andrea Pinabell, Sustainable Cities Institute – Through the Sustainable Cities Institute the Home Depot Foundation provides proactive solutions to helping create healthy “green” communities. Andrea will touch on some of the good work being done in our region, and discuss resources available through the SCI technical assistance website.

Laura Keyes, AICP, Atlanta Regional Commission: Lifelong Communities; The Mableton Lifelong Community Example. Mableton is two years into a three year grant program designed to facilitate a lifelong community. Laura will discuss some of the initiatives underway and lessons learned in this community.

 As always, the Housing Forum is free but registration is required.

The forum takes place at the Loudermilk Center, 40 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, Ga 30303

Register here: http://www.atlantaregionalhousing.org/forum/index.htm

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