Cherokee County Unveils Online Interactive Permitted Use Table

In March, Cherokee County adopted a comprehensive Permitted Uses Table based on the Land Based Classification System (LBCS) from the American Planning Association and North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) from the U.S. Census Bureau.  For citizens, the Permitted Uses Table went from 4 pages to 20 pages and became more challenging to use to find information about particular uses or districts.

In a joint project between the county’s Information Technology and Planning departments meant to solve this problem, staff developed an online, interactive Permitted Uses Table that allows the user to search the table for specific LBCS and NAICS codes or key words. The user can also compare and filter information by zoning district.  With links to the online NAICS descriptions and the county’s own supplemental requirements, citizens are now able to easily identify the range of allowable uses in a district or find the district in which a desired land use would be permitted.

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