Transportation Investment List Finalized, Future Up To Voters

ARC Press Release

(ATLANTA – October 13, 2011) At its final meeting today, the Atlanta Regional Transportation Roundtable voted unanimously in favor of a $6.14 billion list of transportation investments to be funded by a penny sales tax that will be on the ballot in 2012.

Members of the Roundtable acted today to put forward a set of 157 key transportation projects to voters next year that can combat congestion, create and support jobs and enhance the quality of life for residents around the 10-county Atlanta region,” said Norcross Mayor Bucky Johnson, chairman of the Roundtable.

“This group of 21 elected officials has been listening to their constituents, talking with each other and rolling up their sleeves to debate the merits of different projects for almost a year now,” said Mayor Johnson. “This final list of investments will move us forward and make sure the Atlanta region remains competitive well.”

The vote concluded an 11-month process in which the 21 Roundtable members, defined by H.B. 277, elected a five-member executive committee, reviewed transportation projects from all 10 counties and  whittled down a $23 billion list to $6.1 billion to meet the tax revenue projected by the state.

“Today’s vote marks a major milestone for the metropolitan Atlanta region,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. “The Roundtable’s action today shows that we as elected officials can work in a collaborative fashion to move our region and state forward to meet the demands of the 21st century. These investments will create jobs, enhance our position as the economic engine of the Southeast and reduce traffic congestion.”

After the vote, each of the members signed a resolution declaring the approved list to be the final investment list for the 10-county Atlanta region, approving the state economist’s revenue projection and instructing Chairman Johnson to provide the Roundtable final report to the Georgia Department of Transportation and to the election superintendent in each county by the October 15 deadline stated in the Transportation Investment Act.

“This is an historic day for the Atlanta region,” said ARC Chairman Tad Leithead. “When this referendum passes next year, these investments will help metro Atlanta residents, now and in the future, travel more efficiently to work, school and home to spend more time with their families. The Atlanta Regional Commission is honored to have provided technical and administrative assistance to the work of the Roundtable.”

As required by the Transportation Investment Act legislation, Roundtable members also reviewed and approved a funding and construction schedule for all the projects on the list.

The Transportation Investment Act is scheduled to be on the ballot in the July 31, 2012, primary.

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