ARC Now Accepting 2012 LCI Applications

ARC is now accepting applications for 2012 Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) studies. All applications must be received at ARC by Friday, December 16, 2011. The application and supporting information are available for download on the ARC web site at

Applicants should review all application instructions closely as requirements have changed from previous years. ARC also encourages applicants to discuss their proposed applications with ARC Land Use Division staff prior to submission. Recipients are expected to be announced in March 2012.

Since its inception, the LCI program has been a significant initiative to support regional plan implementation at the local level by providing funds directly to communities to prepare studies with local relevance while achieving regional impact. The evolution of the LCI program in PLAN 2040 provides more local flexibility but creates an even stronger link to regional plan implementation. In addition, ARC staff has received positive feedback for continued planning and implementation assistance in existing LCI communities. Therefore, the agency has committed at least 50 percent of LCI study funds to supporting existing LCI communities this year. While many communities have an excellent record of LCI implementation, it is clear that additional assistance is needed to further the efforts of local governments and CIDs/non-profits in existing LCI areas.

ARC will accept 2012 LCI study application requests in one of the three program areas below:

• New LCI study areas
• LCI Supplemental Studies
• PLAN 2040 LCI Innovation

These program areas are described more fully in the application package. Applicants should choose one of the three program areas and pay particular attention to the specific application requirements for that category.

Over the past 12 years, the LCI program has spurred cities, counties and communities of all sizes to undertake planning for activity centers, town centers and transportation corridors that is bringing a new level of livability to the region. To date, more than $140 million in planning and transportation funds have been allocated to 111 distinct LCI areas in the region. ARC looks forward to continuing these partnerships with local communities to create and implement LCI studies that support PLAN 2040 objectives and achieve regional impact with local relevance.

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