Bicycle Signage Grants Available from Georgia Bikes

From a recent Georgia Bikes e-mail blast:

Could your community use some extra cash to improve bicycling conditions? We can help!

Georgia Bikes is very excited to offer Bicycle Signage Grants to communities in need of road markings or signage that improve bicycle safety.

Our grants, which will fund up to 50% of your signage purchase and installation, can help you improve your community with:

  • On-road pavement markings, known as “sharrows,”
  • Share the Road traffic signs,
  • Combination of sharrows and Share the Road signs, or
  • Other signage, such as “Bicycle May Use Full Lane.”

To apply for a Bicycle Signage Grant, please complete and submit our online application by 5:00 PM on April 30th, 2012.

For more information, please visit our website.

One Response to “Bicycle Signage Grants Available from Georgia Bikes”

  1. Cman Says:

    All through Berkeley they have purple Bicycle Boulevard signs posted on roads that they want to encourage cyclists to use. It simultaneously tells motorists that this road is one that the city is encouraging as multi-use.

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