Dr. Vukan Vuchic Speaking at Ga Tech, April 5


The below is from a recent Georgia Tech University Transportation Center / Georgia Transportation Institute e-blast. Visit http://www.utc.gatech.edu/node/1833 for information on how to contact the Institute for further details on this seminar.

University Transportation Center / Georgia Transportation Institute

Luncheon Seminar Series

Urban Transportation: Developments and Progress toward Livable Cities

Speaker: Dr. Vukan R. Vuchic, Emeritus Professor of Transportation Systems Engineering and City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania

When:  Thursday, April 5th @ 11:00 am

Where:  Instructional Center, Room 105

A light lunch will be provided.


An overview of several stages of transportation/city relationships will be followed by a review of transportation modes and their characteristics. Serious problems of traffic congestion and methods for achieving a balanced transportation system, particularly between private cars and public transportation, will be defined. Bus, rail and automated modes will be reviewed. Valuable lessons from successes and mistakes will be described and illustrated by examples from many world cities and different countries. Great need for better understanding of the complex problems of urban transportation will be emphasized. The final focus will be on a review of methods for achieving more efficient and sustainable solutions – balanced transportation systems.


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