Atlanta Regional Commission Adds Arts & Culture to Planning Scope


ARC Press Release

(Atlanta, GA – May 24)  This week, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) voted to incorporate arts and culture as a part of its regional planning efforts on behalf of the 10-county Atlanta region. In doing so, ARC assumes the role of the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts and Culture Coalition (MAACC), to promote the Atlanta region as a premier center for the arts and culture.

“It is an exciting time for ARC to join hands with the leadership of MAACC and the work they’ve done to nurture arts and cultural assets throughout the Atlanta region,” said Tad Leithead, ARC chairman. “Metro areas that recognize and plan for vibrant arts and cultural offerings are positioned to attract more jobs and knowledge workers. We plan to remain on that cutting edge.”

During the past year, ARC has undertaken work with MAACC to conduct a regional arts inventory and to assess the role of arts and culture in economic development, quality of life, workforce development and regional cooperation. Based on this foundational work, ARC will now undertake development of a Regional Cultural Master Plan and other initiatives around arts, culture and the creative industries.

“On behalf of the Executive Committee of MAACC, we are delighted by ARC’s action, which reaffirms its commitment to furthering arts and culture as necessary and critical components of the continued growth and strengthening of our communities throughout the metro region,” said Mara Holley, MAACC Chair and Senior Vice President and Regional Director, Government and Institutional Banking  Wells Fargo. “MAACC’s efforts will now continue as part of ARC’s team and will be strengthened by becoming part of the broader planning agenda of the ARC.”

ARC’s Metro Atlanta Cultural Assessment identified key findings about the value of arts and culture to the region, including:

  • In 2011, the 10-county region was home to 15,236 arts-related businesses that employ 62,310 people.
  • There are 1,740 cultural non-profit organizations in metro Atlanta, generating $502,192,525 in revenues and with $1,877,866,314 in assets.
  • A sampling of originating zip codes for ticket sales taken from the eleven largest cultural institutions in the region shows more than 1.7 million transactions, representing visitors from all 50 states.

“A healthy arts and culture community is vital to the economic stability of our region,” said Mr. Leithead. “It is a true economic driver and quality of life measure for our residents.”

For more information, contact Grace Trimble at (404) 463-3192 or


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