Taking the Pulse of Development Trends in the Region

As mentioned in a recent Land Matters post, the 2012 ARC Development of Excellence Awards nomination season is here. ARC and the Livable Communities Coalition (LCC) are partnering on this prestigious program again this year and are seeking compelling nominations from around the region.

We’re looking for exemplary work in revitalization, transit accessibility, affordable housing, conservation and sustainability. In addition, we’re looking for nominations in the Great Places category, which showcases places, communities or neighborhoods that contribute significantly to Metro Atlanta’s unique character.

In connection with this year’s search for nominations, ARC and LCC are looking more broadly to explore the current state of innovative development in Metro Atlanta through a series of articles and blog posts. The goal is to take the pulse of planning and development trends in the region. So as you consider potential Development of Excellence nominees, consider these key questions as well:

  • Over the past year, what project or place has made a difference in the character of the community where you live or work?
  • Which project has been particularly aligned with the goals of ARC’s Regional Transportation and Development and Plan, PLAN 2040?
  • What have been your recent experiences with mixed-use development?
  • Are you seeing an appetite in the development community for new mixed-use projects?
  • Do you see a trend toward more incremental or smaller-scale development?
  • Are local codes becoming more supportive of innovative and non-traditional development forms?
  • If you live or work in a community served by transit, are you seeing development pressure around stations?
  • What do you see on the horizon for affordable housing and its relationship to building form?
  • Do you see the development community targeting brownfields and greyfields for reuse?
  • What are the biggest impediments to repurposing brownfields, greyfields and other disused or underutilized properties in our region?
  • What innovative conservation and sustainability practices are you seeing in recent development projects?
  • How has more recent development differed from pre-recession development? Have there been improvements?
  • What recent patterns or trends could become best practices in the long term?
  • Does the “new normal” apply not only to financing but to building forms and uses as well? If so, how do you see this relationship playing out in your community?

ARC and LCC want to hear from you. What trends are you seeing in innovative development in Metro Atlanta? What is your idea of a Development of Excellence (DOE) or a Great Place that helps make the Atlanta region special?

Post a comment to get the conversation started, and then visit ARC’s Development of Excellence webpage today to download a nomination form and learn more about the program and past winners.

The deadline to submit a Development of Excellence Award nomination is Friday, August 3, 2012.

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