Grants to Green Selects ARC for Assessment of Energy, Water Use

ARC Press Release

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has selected the Atlanta Regional Commission for an environmental assessment through its Grants to Green program. Southface will conduct the assessment of ARC’s facilities and recommend opportunities for operating more sustainably, particularly as related to energy and utility use. In the assessment phase, Southface will provide technical assistance, planning facilitation and staff education. The assessment will include energy and water audits, with prioritized recommendations. Once an assessment has been completed, ARC will be eligible to apply for implementation funding up to $50,000.

The audit is funded through the Grants to Green program of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. The Grants to Green program provides environmentally-focused knowledge and funding to strengthen nonprofits in the Atlanta region. The founding partners of Grants to Green are the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, providing expertise in grant-making, and Southface, providing expertise in energy efficiency.

ARC has supported ‘green’ initiatives for many years.  The agency has offered incentives for employees who carpool or ride transit for more than a decade. More than three years ago, it expanded its sustainability practices, coinciding with the launch of its Green Communities certification program for local governments. Activities to date include expanded solid waste recycling, purchasing of ‘green’ or recyclable products and the purchase of hybrid vehicles for the agency fleet. In addition, the League of American Bicyclists has recognized ARC as a bicycle-friendly business for its bicycling awareness and bike share program.

For More Information Contact:

Grace Trimble

(404) 463-3192

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