GDOT Adopts Complete Streets Policy

In September, the State Transportation Board adopted by resolution a Complete Streets Policy supporting the planning, design, and construction of streets and roadways in Georgia that integrate and balance accessibility for all modes of transportation.

The Policy establishes standard warrants, requiring that accommodations for pedestrian, bicycle, and transit modes of transportation be provided under specific compelling conditions along transportation projects with GDOT oversight (wherever it is practical to do so). The Policy, including planning and design application, is defined in Chapter 9 of the GDOT Design Policy Manual. A decision to omit an accommodation that meets a standard warrant will require the approval of a Design Variance from the GDOT Chief Engineer. The Design Variance will require analysis comparing the impacts and cost of providing the required accommodation to the need or probable use.

Accordingly, effective September 20, 2012, projects in the planning, concept development, or preliminary plan phases should be evaluated to comply with the Complete Streets Policy. The GDOT standard Concept Report template (noting pedestrian, bicycle, and transit considerations) is available at Effective October 1, 2013, projects advancing to Final Design or the approval of Right-Of-Way Plans must comply with the Complete Streets Policy.

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