Reminder: Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta (ALMA) Applications Due Tomorrow, 10/17

In May of 2012, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Board of Directors voted to integrate arts and culture planning into the commission’s planning portfolio. Recognizing the pressing issues facing the creative industries, ARC is committed to supporting this vital industry in our region.

As the challenges facing the arts and cultural industry mount, there is a need to continue to develop leaders that share a sense of responsibility for supporting arts and culture. Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta (ALMA) was created by the Metro Atlanta Arts and Culture Coalition (MAACC) in 2004 to encourage leaders throughout the community to take an active role in solving the issues and challenges facing the region’s arts & culture community.

This five-month ALMA program is now managed by ARC and will continue to:

  • provide arts leaders with insights from corporate and foundational leaders as to why the arts are important to them, why they fund the arts and how to plan for success when seeking corporate funding
  • provide both arts and corporate leaders with the tools and knowledge to become informed and powerful advocates for the arts in Atlanta and Georgia
  • facilitate open, frank and high level topical & policy discussions within the class on problems & solutions to address key arts issues facing the region resulting in greater understanding and knowledge about the cultural community

During the course of five one-day classes, participants visit arts and cultural venues across metro Atlanta, meet with key arts leaders and elected officials from our region, and hear from experts on the issues facing the industry.

Applications are solicited region-wide. Interested individuals may apply directly. Also, Board members, business leaders, arts leaders, government officials and ALMA alumni may nominate individuals for participation in the program.

The deadline for application is Wednesday, October 17 at 4:00 p.m.

For more information and to fill out the brief online application, visit–leadership-development/alma

For additional information, please contact Gregory Burbidge at 404-463-3217 or

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