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Fifty Forward Visioning Process Reaches Capstone Event

July 26, 2010


In 2008, the Atlanta Regional Commission launched the Fifty Forward initiative as a way to explore scenarios for metro Atlanta focusing on the region’s future livability, prosperity and sustainability.  The initiative was introduced at ARC’s 2008 State of the Region breakfast and challenged some 1,000 attendees to determine their preferred future by asking questions such as: What will metro Atlanta be like in 50 years?  What are the key issues, trends and opportunities to consider in helping to make our region thrive in the future? What are short and long-term action steps the region must achieve to reach our goals?

Over the couple of years that followed this 2008 State of the Region breakfast ARC has convened forums on Health, Sustainability, Demography and Diversity, Megaregions, the Economy and Globalization, Science, Technology and Innovation, Land Use and Housing, Transportation and Energy (Additional information on past forums can be found here).

On July 29 the Fifty Forward capstone event will be held at the Carter Center in Atlanta. This event will combine all the input received through the previous forums, relating research and other products that have been created over the past two years into a unified long-range vision for the Atlanta region.  This event will also seek to make recommendations to structure what some priority implementation steps may be. To register for this event please visit .

For more information about Fifty Forward, contact: 

Cain Williamson

Atlanta Regional Commission

Gwinnett County 2030 Unified Plan Wins a National Award!

April 8, 2010

Changing times call for bold, innovative initiatives moving forward. This is the exact approach Gwinnett County adopted when they decided to undertake the Gwinnett County 2030 Unified Plan. 

With such a complex future awaiting the county and the region, Gwinnett County knew they needed a new type of comprehensive plan that could serve as a true guide to decision making that affected all aspects of Gwinnett life. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Gwinnett County was recently awarded the 2010 Outstanding Achievement in County Planning Award by the National Association of County Planners and The County Planning Division of the American Planning Association for their 2030 Unified Plan.


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